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Web Site Maintenance -

Site maintenance includes minor changes, updates, and corrections to existing web site content, including HTML code, graphics, and other data. Webmastering plays an essential role in maintaining a viable presence on the web...links must be monitored from time to time to insure that they are still functional (not broken)...many websites have at least some content [information] that must be freshened periodically...visitors may tend to not frequent sites that become "stale"---they will move on to more interesting things unless they have a special reason to visit your site. As you can see site maintenance is something that should not be an afterthought when developing your web presence. Constructing your website may just be one of the first steps taken in your "Internet strategy" for your business or organization.

The cost of site maintenance can vary considerably from one project to another, so we feel it's best to negotiate a flat monthly fee per each project. How much this fee is depends upon the size of your site, how often it needs to be updated, how much it needs to be updated, and the complexity of the work that typically needs to be done. However, the chart below will generally be adhered to when determine the cost of maintenance.

Site maintenance includes web hosting on this server (if desired), updating your site's listing in search engines and directories (your site will be also be submitted to new search engines and directories as they become available; new places to submit a web site to come into existence on a fairly regular basis so it's important to resubmit your site periodically), posting articles to Usenet to promote your site (when applicable), and other maintenance chores. We can also assist you in getting a registered domain name for your site ( instead of Whatever you wish to do we will only charge you the agreed upon monthly rate unless services are requested above and beyond what you initially requested in the maintenance contract. Any additional fees, such as INTERNIC charges or hosting fees, are your financial responsibility or we can arrange to handle such charges for you.

Maintenance fees are paid monthly; two (2) month minimum; first two (2) months is paid in advance; subsequent payments are due on the third business day of every month. Monthly fees only apply to pages that you've asked to be updated at the time the maintenance contract was drafted; you won't be charged for pages in your site that don't require any maintenance. You may inform us of any changes you wish to make to your site by contacting us by phone, fax, mail, or email. After your site has been updated according to your instructions someone will contact you to let you know that the changes have been made.