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Ta Naše Písnicka Ceská....





On December 31, 2000, we, the East Bernard Czech Singers officially dissolved our organization and retired from professional appearances. We have thoroughly enjoyed our fourteen years of singing at festivals and events and producing cassette tapes. We have met hundreds of wonderful people, made so many new friends and had so much fun that we might not have experienced had we not formed our group. When we organized in 1986, we wanted to preserve the Czechoslovakian melodies that we had learned from childhood before they got lost in forthcoming generations. Never did we anticipate the enthusiasm and success that resulted from this decision. 

Over the past fourteen years we have produced a total of seven cassettes, three of which are Christmas/Religious and four are polka and waltz type. In addition, we have produced two CD's, one polka and waltz type and one containing Christmas hymns. We also appear on a videocassette with Harry Czarnek and the Texas Dutchmen produced in Ennis, Texas by the Czech Polka & Waltz Production Company of Omaha, Nebraska. We have been awarded five awards by the Texas Polka Music Association, four for Best Vocal Group of the year and one for Best Album of the Year. We have performed at dozens of festivals and events in Texas and have also performed in Oklahoma.

Now it is time to say "thank you":

To all the fans and individuals who supported us, purchased our cassettes and showed your enthusiasm. Without you we would not have enjoyed so much success.

To all the DJ's and radio stations who played our cassettes. Without your participation and cooperation, we would not have been exposed to the fans who enjoyed that type of music. We hope you continue to play our cassettes in years to come.

To all the musicians and bandleaders who were always so kind to us and who showed us your support.  We thank all of you especially who were so gracious to allow us to use your sound system on occasions.

To John and Mark Dujka for their willingness and energy to create our background music and engineer our cassettes. Their outstanding talents made us sound good and made our cassettes a joy to listen to. 

To our husbands and families for their patience and tolerance during times of tight schedules.

Last of all and most important, we thank the Lord for our lives, our families and friends, for blessing us with the talents and abilities to sing and to create joy and for giving us the opportunity to live in a country where we have the freedom to express ourselves and our beliefs.

To all of you we say "THANK YOU" and keep listening to polkas and waltzes - it's happy music and puts a smile on your face.